Friday, December 30, 2011

New Name, New Design, New Objective- New Year's Resolution?

As you may have noticed, I changed my name, design, and objective for this blog. The name used to be "Blackbird Sings Love" because it reflected one of my favorite Beatles songs, "Blackbird." On the other hand, the name did not really reflect who I am. Although I loved the name, I wanted it to be more personal and reflect me. My blog is now (officially) called "Girl With a Dream." The title alone gives you a taste of the type of person I am- a dreamer. I was really pleased with myself when I thought of the name. It's perfect!
As the saying goes, "Out with the old, in with the new," I changed the whole design of the blog. I got rid of the blackbird background (tear) but compromised with the new layout since it has birds. Let's just pretend they are blackbirds! After the layout was changed, the fonts were changed, the colors, etc.
My objective in making a blog was to share my dreams, ideas, and differences with those who were interested in being apart of my world. Sure, I have only posted 3 times and I am still a rookie, but I was letting myself down by not following my objective. My New Year's resolution for this blog, is to share as much of myself to further enhance my posts and pictures. I know 2012 will be a year in which you will know me a lot better. I hope you still enjoy my (newish) blog and continue reading.

PS My URL is still

What do you think of the new name and design? Is there any advice that might help to become a better blogger?

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